sign of a number

signo de un número

English-Spanish mathematics dictionary. . 1964.

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  • Sign (mathematics) — The plus and minus symbols are used to show the sign of a number. Not to be confused with the sine function in trigonometry. In mathematics, the word sign refers to the property of being positive or negative. Every nonzero real number is either… …   Wikipedia

  • Sign — A sign is an entity which signifies another entity. A natural sign is an entity which bears a causal relation to the signified entity, as thunder is a sign of storm. A conventional sign signifies by agreement, as a full stop signifies the end of… …   Wikipedia

  • Sign bit — In computer science, the sign bit is a bit (usually the most significant bit) in a computer numbering format that indicates the sign of a number. Typically, if the sign bit is 1, the number is negative (for two s complement integers) or non… …   Wikipedia

  • Sign-off — (or closedown) is the sequence of operations involved when a radio or television station shuts down its transmitters and goes off the air for a predetermined period; generally this occurs during the overnight hours. It is the opposite to a sign… …   Wikipedia

  • Sign extension — is the operation, in computer arithmetic, of increasing the number of bits of a binary number while preserving the number s sign (positive/negative). This is done by appending digits to the most significant side of the number, following a… …   Wikipedia

  • Sign-on — (or startup) is the term used to describe the beginning of operations for a television station. It is the opposite to a sign off (or closedown).As with sign offs, sign ons vary from country to country, and from station to station.North AmericaIn… …   Wikipedia

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